Vision and Values

Our desire is to provide our customers with a final product that exceeds industry standards and that endures for decades, not just years (unlike the industry standard of 1 year). Our work is not the cheapest you will find, but that is because we refuse to cut any corners or leave anything but the best behind. When the company began, Paul wanted to provide the best job possible at a reasonable cost. While any successful company must remain profitable, the bottom line will never replace the value and vision to provide Lancaster and surrounding counties with a truly superior product for the discriminating customer with a desire for value and endurance as our top priority.

Our purpose is to provide our customers with a superior finished product that not only looks good the day it is painted, but retains an enduring quality appearance for decades to come. I have had many customers who have told me that their past experiences with drywall had them convinced that the nature of drywall was that it had to crack and break down after a short period of time. They have been surprised to discover that drywall can be installed and finished in a manner that allows it to last for a long period of time. While no one can guarantee that drywall will never crack, we have found that the measures we take to hang and finish our drywall have yielded a superior product that one can reasonably expect to stand the test of time. Below are some testimonials from some satisfied customers.
Larry Zeiset, Zeiset & Martin Construction / Sycamore Builders
“15 years ago when my brother – in – law, Scott Martin and I began our business ‘Zeiset and Martin Construction’ we wanted to find construction partners whose business philosophy and product surpassed the status quo. We became acquainted with Paul and his company in early 1996 and began a long term working relationship and friendship. In the previous 15 years of construction experience working with my father, Carl Zeiset, I had come to expect that drywall would have problems at 2 years, and a second set of problems at 5 years with cracking and failing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the quality work put out by Paul and his company not only surpassed the 2 and 5 year mark, but remained problem free well past the 10 year mark. Many homes built 15 years ago still have retained their integrity in the drywall. For this reason I am committed to continuing my partnership with Paul D Blank Drywall, LLC as I build my own company, Sycamore Builders,LLC.”